SOS Polls

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online poll by Opinion Stage

4 Responses to SOS Polls

  1. Dave Murphy says:

    I like trading down about 4 or 5 slots and getting whatever QB is available and someone’s 2nd or 3rd rounder in addition to their own. I don’t think any of the three QB’s is necessarily an immediate starter ready to step in right-away. A team that’s desperate for Offensive Line help might be willing to move up several slots to get Jake Matthews, for example. I don’t see any “game changers” in this draft.

  2. Dave Murphy says:

    Not sure they’d be able to trade down and still end up with two off the list. That’d be the best case scenario, but I think Bortles outstanding showing earlier this week throwing for the scouts moved him up into the “too high to grab with your second pick” category. Manzel and Bridgewater were already in that category IMO.

  3. chandler knight says:

    they should draft trade down to draft clowney and then draft manziel

  4. James says:

    They SHOULD go with Bridgewater but I think they might go with Bortles.

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