A Little Perspective On Signing Day Euphoria

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jimmy-clausencommit to NDJust saw this pic today of Jimmy Clausen sporting his four High School championship rings to his presser announcing that he was going to Notre Dame and sparking intense euphoria among Fighting Irish faithful that some college football fans might still be experiencing now in the three weeks since this year’s eiditon of the ridiculously over hyped National Signing Day results. Oh, for those of you who don’t remember, Clausen didn’t lead the Irish to four championships…in fact they didn’t win any and in one of his seasons posted a 3-9 record. I’m not bashing Jimmy Clausen-hell I liked Jimmy Clausen-just a word of caution to my fellow college football fanatics. Turn your passion and expectations to the NFL draft, where its much more likely that the hype and expectations will pan out  just like the experts predict.

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