The Mule Has To Be Huge For Wings To Make Playoffs

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Though I didn’t get to see the game tonight, reports of Detroit’s 2-1 OT victory on the road over Montreal was made even better with the news that Johan “The Mule” Franzen had 2 points. This was a big victory against a division opponent that I feel the Wings have the potential to catch even with Henrik Zetterberg out for the rest of the regular season. To me, Franzen is the key guy. We have a lot of talent and I’m developing a huge man crush on Gustav Nyquist, but Franzen is the only tested vet who has the talent to carry the team for long stretches yet has not done so the past couple of sseasons. He’s missed a good portion of the season with his concussion issues, but assuming he can stay healthy down the stretch, that could turn into a positive with him having fresher legs. Detroit needs everyone to step it up and there is plenty of talent, but I look for Franzen to be a point a game guy on average the rest of the way if the Wings are to make the playoffs and then make some noise. Call me crazy, I think he can do it.

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