Interview With Sharona Fabulosa

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                                                 Podcast lasts  1 hour 30 minutes.

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They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sharona Fabulosa doesn’t need a second chance if her goal is to impress upon any listener her love and deep passion for football. This is more than obvious to the many who have read her work for, SB Nation, or the National Gridiron Network, as well is having heard her on podcast such as her own Zone Blitz and The Extra Point. She joined the Vavel USA Speaking On Sports podcast on Thursday, February 6th for the first time.In our discussion Sharona gave her take on the coaching change for her beloved Tennessee Titans. She seems excited about the potential of Ken Whisenhunt as the Titans head coach, particularly given what he was able to accomplish in Arizona as well as the great work he did with Philip Rivers this past season as the offensive coordinator in San Diego. You’ll get the feeling that Sharona is one of those fans who will be supportive of the head coach of her favorite team no matter what. That should not be taken as a slight or damning with faint praise as though she comes across as the type of fan whose love for team blinds all logic. Far from it. It just seems to this writer that anything other than “all in” passion and support for the favorite team is just not in her genetic makeup.We also discussed her alma mater, the University of Tennessee Volunteers, in the wake of what was a very successful Signing Day for head coach Butch Jones in his first full off-season at the helm of Volunteer Nation. When asked whether or not Tennessee had finally gotten it right with coach Jones after coaching mistakes in the respective hiring of both Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley as well as the firing of Phillip Fulmer. Sharona surprised by acknowledging the obvious mistakes with the Dooley and Tiffin regimes, while indicating that- despite his myriad of accomplishments- it was time for coach Fulmer to go. She gives a sense of exactly why Jones has been so successful in reinvigorating the passion for the program as is shown with the recruiting success.

From this vantage point, the most compelling part of the interview was the opportunity to talk to Sharona about her experience as a color analyst for college football game. (You can hear the broadcast via the foregoing link) She cut her teeth on what she hopes to be a future career option at the USA Football Bowl in Hoover, Alabama. That game featured college players from the rosters of smaller schools throughout the country, particularly those with proximity to the region in which the game was played. Sharona indicated her respect after her experience for the difficulty of doing a job that many sports fans feel we could do better than those highly paid professionals whom we listen to every week. However, when listening to her- especially understanding it was her first time- her passion, knowledge, and sense of timing is crystal clear in an outstanding performance.

She is well aware of the perception and reality of the glass ceiling within the sports industry in general, and football in particular. She flatly states that  “There are some fans who don’t want to consume their sports from a female.” Despite this, she does not seem to be bitter, reluctant, or discouraged in any way from pursuing something which she loves and at which her inherent talent is considerable. When writing an article about an interview, one understands that the default position is to be objective. With all respect to that concept, this author makes no bones about having a desire to hear Sharona Fabulosa calling more football games in the near future.

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