Speaking On Sports NFL Mock Draft Edition #2 Podcast

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On Tuesday May 6th, we did the second edition of our NFL Mock Draft. Listen in to hear the picks as well as the thinking behind the picks and what our panel thinks about each panel member’s picks as well as what the panel thinks will happen in the actual draft beginning May 8th.

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SOS NFL Mock Draft Selections Edition #2

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  1. Houston- (Pamela Michelle)  JADEVEON CLOWNEY DE/SOUTH CAROLINA
    2. St. Louis   (Antwan Staley)  GREG ROBINSON OT/AUBURN
    3. Jacksonville (Ara) KHALIL MACK LB/BUFFALO
    4. Cleveland  (Brandon Cassiday) TEDDY BRIDGEWATER QB/LOUISVILLE
    5. Oakland  -(Pamela Michelle) JAKE MATTHEWS OT/TEXAS A&M
    6. Atlanta  – (Antwan Staley) ERIC EBRON TE NORTH CAROLINA
    7. Tampa Bay  – (Ara) SAMMY WATKINS WR/CLEMSON
    8. Minnesota  – (Brandon Cassiday) DEREK CARR QB/FRESON STATE
    9. Buffalo  -(Pamela Michelle) MIKE EVANS WR/TEXAS A&M
    11. Tennessee  – (Antwan Staley) BLAKE BORTLES QB/ CENTRAL FLORIDA
    12. New York  – (Pamela Michelle) AARON DONALD DT/PITTSBURGH
    13. St. Louis -(Brandon Cassiday) JOHNNY MANZIEL QB/TEXAS A&M
    14. Chicago  -(James Greenwood) HASEAN  CLINTON-DIX S/ALABAMA
    16. Dallas -(Antwan Staley) RYAN SHAZIER LB OHIO STATE
    17. Baltimore  (Pamela Michelle) CALVIN PRYOR S/LOUISVILLE
    18. New York Jets -(Brandon Cassiday) BRANDIN COOKS WR/OREGON STATE
    19. Miami  – (Antwan Staley) ZACH MARTIN OT/NOTRE DAME
    20. Arizona  – (Ara) TAYLOR LEWAN OT/MICHIGAN
    21. Green Bay  – (Brandon Cassiday) MARQISE LEE WR/USC
    22. Philadelphia -(Pamela Michelle) KELVIN BENJAMIN WR/FSU
    23. Kansas City  – (Ara) ANTHONY BARR LB/UCLA
    24. Cincinnati  -(Brandon Cassiday) JASON VERRETT CB/TCU
    25. San Diego  – (James Greenwood) DEMARCUS LAWRENCE OLB/BOISE ST.
    26. Cleveland - (Pamela Michelle) DAVONTE ADAMS WR/FRESNO STATE
    27. New Orleans  -(Ara) ODELL BECKHAM WR/LSU
    28. Carolina  -(Brandon Cassiday) PAUL RICHARDSON WR/ COLORADO
    29. New England  – (James Greenwood) XAVIER SU’I-AFLO G/UCLA
    30. San Francisco  – (Pamela Michelle) KYLE FULLER CB/VIRGINIA TECH
    31. Denver Broncos – (Ara) C.J. MOSLEY LB/ALABAMA
    32. Seattle Seahawks -(Brandon Cassiday) BRADLEY ROBY CB/OHIO STATE



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SOS NFL Mock Draft Selections Edition #1

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  1. Houston -(Sharona Fabulosa) JADEVEON CLOWNEY DE/SO.CAROLINA
    2. St. Louis  (Jon Fox) AARON DONALD DT /PITTSBURGH
    3. Jacksonville -(Sharona Fabulosa) TED BRIDGEWATER QB/LOUISVILLE
    4. Cleveland -(Brandon Cassiday) JOHNNY MANZIEL QB/TEXAS A&M
    5. Oakland-(James Greenwood) SAMMY WATKINS WR/CLEMSON
    6. Atlanta-Sharona Fabulosa KHALIL MACK LB/BUFFALO
    7. Tampa Bay -(Jon Fox) DEREK CARR QB/FRESNO STATE
    8. Minnesota – (James Greenwood) BLAKE BORTLES QB/CENTRAL FLORIDA
    9. Buffalo -(Brandon Cassiday) BRANDIN COOKS WR/OREGON STATE
    10. Detroit – (James Greenwood) JAKE MATTHEWS OT/TEXAS A&M
    11. Tennessee -(Sharona Fabulosa) MIKE EVANS WR/ TEXAS A&M
    12. New York Giants -(James Greenwood) GREG ROBINSON OT/AUBURN
    13. St. Louis  -(Jon Fox) TAYLOR LEWAN OT/MICHIGAN
    14. Chicago  -(Brandon Cassiday) RYAN SHAZIER LB/OHIO STATE
    15. Pittsburgh- (Jon Fox) ANTHONY BARR LB/UCLA
    16. Dallas  -(Sharona Fabulosa) HA HA CLINTON-DIX S/ALABAMA
    17. Baltimore  (Jon Fox) ZACH MARTIN OT/ NOTRE DAME
    18. New York Jets -(James Greenwood) ODELL BECKHAM WR/LSU
    19. Miami  -(Brandon Cassiday) ERIC EBRON TE/NORTH CAROLINA
    20. Arizona -(James Greenwood) CALVIN PRYOR S/LOUISVILLE
    21. Green Bay -(Brandon Cassiday) MARQISE LEE WR/USC
    22. Philadelphia  -(Sharona Fabulosa) C.J. MOSLEY LB/ALABAMA
    23. Kansas City - (Jon Fox) XAVIER SU’A-FILO G/UCLA
    24. Cincinnati  -(Brandon Cassiday)  SCOTT CRICHTON DE/OREGON ST.
    26. Cleveland  (Jon Fox) JA’WUAN JAMES OT/TENNESSEE
    27. New Orleans -(Sharona Fabulosa) KYLE FULLER CB/VIRGINIA TECH
    28. Carolina  – (Jon Fox) JOEL BITONIO OT/NEVADA
    29. New England -(Brandon Cassiday) DAVANTE ADAMS WR/FRESNO ST
    30. San Francisco  -(Brandon Cassiday) DARQUEZE DENNARD CB/MICH ST.
    31. Denver  -(James Greenwood) BRADLEY ROBY CB/OHIO STATE
    32. Seattle – (Sharona Fabulosa) ALLEN ROBINSON WR/PENN STATE

Round 2

Pick (overall)
1 (33). Houston -(Brandon Cassiday) JIMMY GAROPPOLO QB/ E.ILLINOIS
2 (34). Washington  – (Jon Fox) DEE FORD OLB/AUBURN
3 (35). Cleveland - (James Greenwood) JORDAN MATTHEWS WR/VANDERBILT
4 (36). Oakland -(Sharona Fabulosa) ZACH METTENBERGER QB/LSU
5 (37). Atlanta Falcons -(Bo) RA’SHEDE HAGEMAN DT/MINNESOTA

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2nd Annual Speaking On Sports NFL Mock Draft Order

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  1. Houston Texans -Sharona Fabulosa
    2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)- Jon Fox
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars -Patrick Shankhour
    4. Cleveland Browns -Brandon Cassiday
    5. Oakland Raiders -Bo
    6. Atlanta Falcons -Sharona Fabulosa
    7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Jon Fox
    8. Minnesota Vikings -Patrick Shankshour
    9. Buffalo Bills -Brandon Cassiday
    10. Detroit Lions -Bo
    11. Tennessee Titans -Sharona Fabulosa
    12. New York Giants -Patrick Shankhour
    13. St. Louis Rams -Jon Fox
    14. Chicago Bears -Brandon Cassiday
    15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Patrick Shankhour
    16. Dallas Cowboys -Sharona Fabulosa
    17. Baltimore Ravens Jon Fox
    18. New York Jets -Patrick Shankhour
    19. Miami Dolphins -Brandon Cassiday
    20. Arizona Cardinals -Bo
    21. Green Bay Packers -Brandon Cassiday
    22. Philadelphia Eagles -Sharona Fabulosa
    23. Kansas City Chiefs -Jon Fox
    24. Cincinnati Bengals -Brandon Cassiday
    25. San Diego Chargers -Patrick Shankhour
    26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts) -Jon Fox
    27. New Orleans Saints -Sharona Fabulosa
    28. Carolina Panthers -Jon Fox
    29. New England Patriots -Patrick Shankhour
    30. San Francisco 49ers -Brandon Cassiday
    31. Denver Broncos -Bo
    32. Seattle Seahawks -Sharona Fabulosa

Round 2

Pick (overall)
1 (33). Houston Texans -Brandon Cassiday
2 (34). Washington Redskins -Jon Fox
3 (35). Cleveland Browns -Patrick Shankhour
4 (36). Oakland Raiders -Sharona Fabulosa
5 (37). Atlanta Falcons -Bo

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The Redemption Of Tommy Amaker

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Tommy Amaker HarvardThis first published on Vavel USA

The first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, as it seems to every year, bring some surprises which put an exclamation on the seasons of certain teams and coaches, especially when that season ends with a loss in the first round. This year just has the feel of a year where the tournament  could see all manner of upsets and bracket busting. Arguably, the best underdog story line that is being written as of the time this article is the Harvard Crimson moving on to the second round of the NCAA tournament to face prohibitive favorite, and chic championship pick, Michigan State.


This is the second consecutive year that Harvard has won its first round NCAA tourney game and also its second tournament victory in its entire basketball playing history. Head coach Tommy Amaker has taken the Crimson to heights never before seen in Cambridge. Now, it seems like every year we see a mid-major making some noise in the tournament by winning its first game and becoming media darlings for 48 hours or so before the inevitable elimination by one of the big boys. Certainly, in recent years mid-majors such as George Washington, Virginia Commonwealth, and Butler have done much more than that going all the way to the Final Four in a couple of instances. But there is something special about a non-athletic scholarship Ivy League program reaching these heights. And there is no way that one can separate the Crimson’s success on the court from its head coach. Continue reading

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Red Wings Defeat Pens 5-4 In OT Thriller

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Daniel AlfredssonIt would be hard to overstate the importance of the Detroit Red Wings 5-4 OT win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in terms of Detroit’s psyche in its quest to make the playoffs for a 23rd straight season while-almost literally-half of its roster is injured.

The game was fast paced and crisp, as almost any game including the offensively sublime Penguins will be. Daniel Alfreddson got the Wings going with a goal in the 1st period, and Detroit held a 1-0 lead going into  intermission. Pittsburgh was relatively sluggish in the opening period, with Detroit’s army of youngsters providing some energy and jump on the puck. Rising star Gustav Nyquist-arguably the Red Wings MVP in the absence of superstars Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk-put the Wings up 2-0 with a bank shot off Pens defenseman Rob Scuderi-in what would turn out to be  foreshadowing-on a Detroit power play. Continue reading

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